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My name is Lisa Lingen, I have an extreme passion and love of photography.

Thus, the creation of Sunshine Shutter Photography.

We should each be blessed to have a gift we wish to share with others.

I believe photography is my gift. I have the unique ability to see a photo before it is ever captured.

I believe in what I do - so what you see is what you get - I do not believe in editing.

Wayne Gretzky once said  - "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

This is a regret I shall never have.

I take every opportunity to appreciate each moment God blesses me with.

With camera in hand - I go out and am often awestruck at the canvas He provides -

for His design is perfectly magnificent, as can be seen in my nature shots.

My desire is to be a blessing to others by sharing my love, my passion and my gift of photography.

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